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to buy bodywash, shampoo, facial cleanser, and toothpaste. PS 沐浴乳的英文可以是 shower gel, 或 bady wash shower gel 是偏向於膠狀的喔! 所以如果你選擇的是膠狀的話, 就用

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good, but do you have anything in your mind to buy? B: Well, I guess I need to buy some shower gel and tissue paper. A: Me too, I am also running out of my


衛生紙: toilet paper 刮鬍刀: razor 牙刷: toothbrush 牙膏: tooth paste 免費礦泉水: free mineral water 浴帽: shower cap 水龍頭: faucet 臉盆: basin 浴缸: bathtub

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在幾年裡就會改變,這是正常的。 Ten year ago ,the cleansing effect was the main intention of using a shower gel. An actual survey ranks good cleansing effects


什麼用什麼,並不會特定去說他是什麼。 國外飯店的浴室只有放玻璃杯。 沐浴乳 → shower gel , shower cleansear, bath

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frost 7.Perfume 8.Gu Long's water 9.Except that maos of 10 lotion. Dr.eye: It is lactic to take a shower 11.Have the milk had one's hair wash 12.Moisten the